Sprint raced out of the 4G gate a while back with it’s WiMAX offering as it partnered with Clearwire. A good move if you’re looking at the joy of having […]

Android phones, such a good idea but the implementation is abysmal. I like the thought of having competition for the iPhone and other mobile OSes out there…we have to keep […]

CTIA is in full swing right now. Rather than giving you the blow-by-blow of every product announced (there’s more than a few…duh) I think we should look at the overall […]

By now I’m sure you all know the Palm Pre is finally out on the shelves. It’s been reported to have sold 100,000 units on the first weekend with sellouts […]

Ford vs Chevy. Mac vs PC. Coke vs Pepsi. All classic examples of product battles that have somehow turn into holy wars by the people that feel very passionate about […]

Today’s rumor mill is abuzz about Verizon possibly picking up Apple’s iPhone when AT&T’s exclusive deal runs next year. I must say I’m rather skeptical about this right now. I’m […]

AT&T Must Be Afraid of the Palm Pre

Ha! You’ve gotta love it. I just read this article on Engadget. Based on this leak of an AT&T internal document I’d say AT&T execs are fearing the release of […]