Android phones, such a good idea but the implementation is abysmal. I like the thought of having competition for the iPhone and other mobile OSes out there…we have to keep […]

To be an entrepreneur or to stick with Corporate America…quite a question, huh? Just recently a friend (this one is dedicated to you Eggman) sent me an article that was […]

I do believe it’s time to change your career. Change your career now I tell ya! Unless you’re happy with where you’re at, of course. Recent studies show only 45% […]

Be patient, stay creative, and run your operation with bare-bones resources. It’s a all possible believe it or not! Three topics, seemingly unrelated, yet all quite relevant to any entrepreneur […]

If you want to thrive in this world, you must never rest on your laurels and do NOT become complacent with what you are doing. Complacency can be seen as […]

Samsung has a great mobile strategy…you’ve got to admit that. While some phone manufacturers are getting all nutty with their carrier exclusivity deals (so freaking’ annoying…come on people!) Samsung is […]