I’m sure by now you’ve heard the rumor of T-Mobile looking into gobbling up Sprint. It’s certainly an interesting though…number four in the US buying up number three. However, given […]

Many of us dream of going big. It was just announced that Oracle is buying Sun for $7.4 billion. Gee, wouldn’t it be nice to sell off your company for […]

As you my readers have probably figured out by now, I am slightly intrigued by Sprint. I go nuts with some of their business decisions, I’m baffled that they continue […]

TechCrunch is reporting that PageFlakes, a custom homepage-building site, is being bought by Live Universe. This is exciting news for startups abound as we see a company with a good […]

It’s not the newest of news, but it still baffles my mind. Cranium, a privately held company, was bought by Hasbro for $77.5 million. Wow. I’m sure I’m not the […]