Stop Talking About How Awesome You Are

An interesting “ah ha” moment came to me today while thinking about various people that I’ve worked with, played sports with, or simply interacted with in life. The basic premise of this epiphany was “shut the hell up and stop talking about how awesome you are”. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine but when I broke it down to different scenarios I came to realize that there really is no benefit to that bragging.

Let’s look at the scenarios

  • Bragging + Skill = You’re perceived as an arrogant ass
  • Bragging + No Skill = You’re full of crap
  • No Bragging + Skill = Oh cool, you know a lot of stuff
  • No Bragging + No Skill = No expectations set so, eh, whatever

Of course, there are caveats to this as it usually takes a little time for someone to see whether you’ve got the skills or not. This works for both the braggarts and the non-braggarts. Once the rubber hits the road one’s true skill becomes evident and you can then apply the equations above.

Whatever the outcome, skill or not, I personally find it much better to keep one’s mouth shut and let the actions speak louder than words. No matter the skill level, you’ll have a better outcome by staying humble than constantly reminding everyone around you how awesome you are.