Merging Technologies and Industries

It’s interesting (ie, challenging) being a tech geek and businessman in today’s environment because one can see opportunities EVERYWHERE. However, simply seeing an opportunity does not mean it’s an easy task to hop on and solve a problem. I’m being reminded of this constantly in my somewhat new full-time gig where I must bridge my knowlege across industries.

My challenges? Working in a fairly fast moving industry (telematics) working on a lightning fast product (mobile) for a slower-than-molassas industry client (automotive). To wit…a car company thinks they are moving along at great speed when they’re operating on a three year cycle. True…for them. However in internet and mobile time, that timeframe is an eternity and you will see technologies be born, mature, and die all in that time. Building for this is…interesting.

This is just one example of how bridging industries can drive one nuts. It also presents a great opportunity to that person or organization that is able to come in and solve that problem. It’s not easy…but if it was easy then everyone would be doing it. Perhaps this is what separates the true talent from the masses and affords great opportunity for those willing to take on the challenge.