Oh You Crazy Smartphones

How I love my smartphone! I know I know I promised to post the funny story of going from the momentous POS (and that’s not Point-of-Sale) Samsung Moment to the HTC Evo but I’ve been a bit busy lately. So much going on out there in the world since my last post. The rise of Google+ (you can find me here), the drop of the stock market, Apple pretty much printing their own money…it’s a crazy world.

The reason I’ve been lax in my duties is because I’ve been working on an iPhone app with the cool cats at Ecmodeyo. Our app LocaJot has finally been released and in less than a week we’ve already seen downloads from nearly two dozen different countries. Now that’s what I call exciting stuff!

You can check out LocaJot either by going to the website at LocaJot.com or heading directly to iTunes and seeing it there. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/locajot/id453391031

Working on LocaJot was a great experience and I’m looking forward to creating more apps. Some people may grumble “but there are already so many apps in the App Store now, you missed your chance” I say “oh no…not at all!” Reports show that smartphone penetration is still only 38% or so of mobile users. That leaves plenty of room for growth…plenty of room! I’m going to make sure I’m poised and ready to go with this growth, that’s for sure.

Sprint…you really need to get that iPhone…and soon. Reports say it’ll happen in September, so we shall see.

Google…you have a ways to go still cleaning up that giant mess of Android fragmentation. It would also be nice if each carrier and each handset manufacturer didn’t add so much of their own crap on the phone (which of course leads to delays when there’s an OS update out there as the carrier and manufacturer each go through and add/change their crap again).

Signing off for now. More posts to come! Go check out LocaJot and enjoy a small (1.2 MB…nice!) easy-to-use app that helps keep life organized as you create location-based notes. The map is pretty killer too.

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  1. iOS will lead the apps market in tablets, though, accounting for 75 percent of the estimated 14 billion tablet app downloads this year. Android tablet apps will make up 17 percent, excluding those downloaded by Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Downloads to Amazon’s tablets will take up 4 percent, while Windows-based tablet apps will see 2 percent, the market research firm said.

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