Root Down – Pondering If I Root My Samsung Moment

The following is an email I sent to some friends tonight. Needless to say, I’m still fairly frustrated to still have close to a year left on my contract while my phone (Samsung Moment) has already been discontinued (about a year after being introduced) and no longer supported. WTF?

====begin email===
So are we gonna kick it?
Gonna kick it root down.

So yeaaahhhh…I did a hard reset on my phone a couple days ago. Sadly, it seems to be working a bit better. Why do I say “sadly”? Because I’m irked that I bought a smartphone and can’t really use it like a smartphone. “It’s fine if you don’t have any apps on it!”

I’ve installed two apps on it. I’m going one at a time. First Google Voice, then Foursquare today.

I thought “well hell, if I already blasted it, I might as well root it and install Android 2.2”. Simple enough. I looked at enough tutorials. I watched enough vids. Looks easy enough. Download this, flash that, install this, do that…voila.

Not really.
Sure, the steps are easy. But what freaking files do you use?!?!? Being an underground movement, you’ve got dozens of different kernels, ROMs, themes, etc. Which ones are good? Which ones are stable? Aaaargh!

Alas, I’m sticking with my discontinued Samsung Moment running Android 2.1 and slowly adding apps until I find the demon apps.

====end email====

And such are the thoughts of someone semi-proficient with making computers and phones do fun things. Feeling like a complete noob here.


  1. I feel your pain as my wife has the same phone, Ive offered to root and even buy a used EVO off Craigslist, but she likes the Moments . Crazy I know but she too has another year on her contract. Ive rooted every phone Ive owned including the EVO and its not as hard as it seems. XDA developers forum is a huge resource. Good luck

  2. Did you do it? I owned my Samsung Captivate for about three days before I rooted it and started flashing custom ROMs. I needed Skype on the phone and it wasn’t supported on 2.2 devices. Easy decision… mojo is right, XDA developers is an excellent resource.

    That being said, I have since purchased the Google Nexus S, and I have no desire to root it because it runs great and is currently not lacking anything that I want. It was always fun loading a new ROM to see what cool stuff it contained, but some of them have stability issues, and GPS functionality varies greatly among the different ROMs.

  3. I never did root it. I ended up getting an HTC Evo (I still need to write about the drastic improvement from going to the Evo after the Moment) and then just recently got an iPhone. It may be worth rooting now though so I can have my mobile modem again now that I have an iPhone and I don’t feel like jailbreaking that just yet.

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