Do One Thing And Do It Well

If there’s one thing to remember while coming up with a new business, a new app, a new service, whatever it may be…remember this one thing. Do one thing and do it well.

It’s easy to think of all the things you want to have in an app or all the services you may want to offer. “Why just cut hair? I want to add coloring, styling, sparkles, music…”

Ok, that was just a SLIGHT exaggeration but you get my point. You may absolutely ROCK at cutting hair and can build a huge clientele by doing so. You think “well if I add just a couple more services, I’ll be able to get even more people and make more money!” Yes…and no.

Initially, you may get some more people in the door. Great! Now think of the consequences of your actions. If you’re not prepared, a couple things could happen.

  1. You’re great at cutting hair but suck at coloring. Word gets out that you suck. No good!
  2. You spend time on things you’re not so great at, taking away from what you ARE good at. Your quality rating goes down.

This holds true for services, for apps, for pretty much anything you’re setting your mind out to do. “I’m so good at multi-tasking blah blah blah”. Great…I’m proud of you. You can do six things at a 60% satisfaction level rather than excelling at one thing.

Slow down, take a breath. Think about making ONE thing great and do it well.

(this post dedicated to a biz partner with whom some killer mobile apps will be made with)


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