Change Your Career!

I do believe it’s time to change your career. Change your career now I tell ya! Unless you’re happy with where you’re at, of course. Recent studies show only 45% of us are happy with our jobs…the lowest since they’ve been recording this in the past 22 years. Pretty damn dismal if you ask me! Think about that for a minute…if there are ten people around you in your little cube farm, chances are six of those ten are pretty miserable. Dismal, eh?

There are plenty of reasons for this job dissatisfaction. It could be the crappy economy, the commute, longer work hours, less vacation time, poor pay…just to name a few. Yet, if you really sit down and think about it, if you don’t like your current job, do you think following in the same career in a different company will make you happier? Sure, it COULD happen, but how likely is it? If there are characteristics about your job that you don’t like, those characteristics are likely to be present at the next place.

It sounds daunting to just change life. Humans are creatures of habit. People are generally afraid of change. The thought of changing careers has either never entered someone’s mind or even if it has, it just isn’t a reasonable option to them. Well let me tell you…it’s not as hard as you think and you stand to be a hell of a lot happier than you are now.

At a wedding I was recently at I met a guy who used to be some sort of software engineer. After years of that he just tossed it all out the window and now makes his money being immersed in his night club. That’s an example of a rather dramatic change…not everyone has to make such a big leap. Perhaps you’ve been doing project management for one of the big consulting companies…you could easily make the transition to starting your own company or being a business analyst for any other industry out there. If you’ve been writing proposals for potential customers, try your hand at writing grant proposals for a non-profit. If you’re in sales with an interest in writing or photography, hell, just make the plunge and write. You already have the sales experience…SELL YOURSELF (not as an escort…you know what I mean).

This is a tough concept for many people. It’s especially tough for the folks just out of college. They’ve just dumped untold amounts of money on their education and feel that they MUST take a job in their field. It’s not always the case but it’s the perceived “only option”. As people move through their life experiencing different duties at work they may make lateral yet related moves and it makes sense that their career changes naturally. Try a new career without following that natural path.

You may surprise yourself as you find  you actually ENJOY going to work. Not only that, you’ll break out of the monotony and you’ll keep that brain of yours stimulated as you learn new things and meet new people. It’s a whole new adventure in life and you can get paid for it. Hell yeah…go for it!