Blockbuster Going Bankrupt Makes Complete Sense

Blockbuster Video going claiming bankruptcy makes complete sense to me. I mean, have you been in a Blockbuster lately? Seriously, have you? Even better, do you know anyone that goes to Blockbuster?

I’ll admit, back in the day, I used to go to Blockbuster. Hell, I believe I still have a membership there. I used it a few years ago when I moved and was catching up on a season or two of “Lost” while taking breaks from a job search. Since then, I may have popped into a store perhaps half a dozen times (which actually seems like a lot now that I think about it) in the past four years.

Why bother going to Blockbuster? With Netflix delivering to your door, streaming Netflix to your TV via video game consoles/HTPCs/AppleTV, streaming video on your computer, downloading from iTunes, etc…Blockbuster just seems less and less relevant.

What brought this all up? I had a $10 gift card for Blockbuster. I have no idea when I got it but I read the fine print on it and they’ll start taking $2 a month off it until the balance is zero if it remains idle for too long (pretty sneaky guys…). Luckily mine still had a balance so I was off to Blockbuster to see what I could use it on. Talk about an exercise in futility. I didn’t want to rent anything…I can rent at a Redbox kiosk for $1. I didn’t want to buy a game ’cause I don’t really play games enough. Sure as hell didn’t want to rent one. Then there were videos I could buy…used ones for $10 or 4 for $20. Even then I didn’t want to buy anything! Why would I want to fill up my house with stuff when I can stream or download and take up much less space?

I ended up buying some Coke, popcorn, and candy. I don’t eat candy much (I try not to…I already ate a box though, damn!) and don’t drink Coke much (figured I’d save it for a road trip or something) but they had a “Get 2 Cokes, 2 candies, 1 popcorn for $5” deal.

Sorry Blockbuster, you just don’t do it for me anymore. You didn’t adapt to the times and now you shall ride off in history along with CompUSA, Circuit City and other stores that failed to offer what the public wants.