Do NOT Become Complacent

If you want to thrive in this world, you must never rest on your laurels and do NOT become complacent with what you are doing. Complacency can be seen as laziness by some. To others, it’s just a sign that you really don’t want to better yourself or your situation.

You can use this advice as both an entrepreneur or as a working member of Corporate America. Either way, avoiding complacency can have you reaping new rewards and continuing growth and success.

A few thoughts on complacency in both camps:

Corporate America

  1. Happy that you’ve got a job and you’ll just come to work and get a paycheck? Don’t get to comfortable…this recession has booted many people from their jobs that many thought were safe.
  2. Got a decent position in the company? Why work harder, you’ve made your way to manager. First, look at point number one. Second, there’s always someone else who is willing to work hard and move up the ladder and you may find yourself SOL.
  3. Land that position with your skills? Great, but you need to keep learning because requirements change, tools change, software changes, etc. Stay complacent and you’ll be as useful as a switchboard operator in Pixar’s animation department.


  1. You’ve developed a great business model. Great. It can ALWAYS be improved though, and each improvement can lead to more time for you or more profits.
  2. You’ve created a successful business based on a great idea. Awesome…but if you’ve done it once you can probably do it again!
  3. You’ve got your business good enough where you don’t have to stress about bills anymore. Good for you! Still, anything could happen (economy, fire, theft, competition, etc) that suddenly leaves you struggling to survive. Don’t be complacent, continue improving and evolving.

There is a myriad of things I could put down for each but I simply wanted to prime the pump and get you thinking. A complacent runner does not win a race. A complacent leader does not sit back and simply expect people to follow. Keep your mind fresh and be on the lookout to continue the success you have achieved.