Samsung’s Mobile Strategy

Samsung has a great mobile strategy…you’ve got to admit that. While some phone manufacturers are getting all nutty with their carrier exclusivity deals (so freaking’ annoying…come on people!) Samsung is spreading their love all around. Granted, they have their “exclusive” phones but they don’t create just one phone (a la just one iPhone from Apple or just one Palm Pre back when it first came out) and hope that users will migrate to whatever carrier they did their exclusivity with. In Palm’s case, it bit them squarely in the ass. They had hordes of people that wanted the phone but didn’t want to go to Sprint. Apple fared a bit better as the masses went to AT&T for the iPhone but I still know plenty of people (myself included in this list) who refuse to switch carriers just for the chance for this exclusive phone.

Enter Samsung. They make good phones…that’s all there is to it. I don’t really think they’re trying to be the best by offering the latest and greatest features, but they’re selling boatloads of phones by still being damn good phones across all carriers.

Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup has been introduced to all four major carriers. Smart move as everyone can have a pretty darn good Samsung phone no matter what carrier they are on.

  • Sprint has the Samsung Epic 4G phone (the only 4G in the Galaxy S line)
  • AT&T has the Samsung Captivate
  • Verizon has the Samsung Fascinate
  • T-mobile has the Samsung Vibrant

See what Samsung did here? They created buzz for an entire line and then is allowing everyone, no matter what carrier they are on, to get one. It doesn’t take a business guru to figure out that offering your product to a larger audience will usually lead to higher sales.

Good for you Samsung…thank you for not doing that exclusivity crap that other manufacturers are doing and letting everyone play with your latest and greatest toys.