Hit the Reset Button…All of Them

Hit your reset button and keep fresh. Your body needs it just as our computers can use a good reset every now and then.

Quick random side note: I just finished putting a post up at WaxPorhetoric.com talking about keeping your eyes and mind open to new opportunities. I feel this is quite relevant in business also (my first example over there touches upon that) and it can serve us well all around. You should take a gander…I just didn’t feel like re-writing the entire thing to make it more business-oriented. Any astute reader can make the correlations though.

Now…back to the main topic of hitting our reset button. I recently spent a bit over a week away from Atlanta and made my way over to Santa Cruz, California. Great town…I’ve lived there before. I spent time catching up with friends, doing some networking, checking the local (“local” here also includes Silicon Valley. Perhaps you’ve heard of a few companies that reside in the region…Apple, Cisco, eBay, Netflix, Yahoo! and so forth) job scene, and taking it easy.

Did I get anything accomplished? On paper, maybe not so much. Set up a new blog (too cheesy to post here yet), updated the resume, put posts on two other blogs, networked a bit.

Would I call my trip a success? Hell yes. As my brain cleared itself of more clutter I was able to slam through a few things that had been bugging me. I came up with new ideas for business. I found new solutions to things I was trying to accomplish. And most importantly, I’m full of life and vigor and ready to crank on through new projects.

If you’ve got a full-time job, perhaps it’s time to take a little vacation. If you’re an entrepreneur, perhaps you need to go somewhere too. When you take some time off though, make sure you actually GO somewhere otherwise you’ll be thinking about and doing work. Why bother taking time off then if you’re just going to work?

One key thing I did…refrained from checking my email every day. In this day and age it sounds rather crazy, but if you set expectations right, the world will NOT blow up if you check your mail once a day or so. It was quite refreshing actually.

For me, I think these are the key reasons my reset was so successful:

  1. Go somewhere far away…far from your home town – This should keep you from being around reminders of work and home stuff
  2. Go somewhere FUN – This will help make the reset successful as your nasty home and work tasks leave the mind and you are filled with the fun experiences at hand. Snowboarding, surfing, exotic trip, good friends all around…whatever it is, make it fun
  3. Leave the laptop at home – Each email can lead to you getting sucked into work and suddenly three hours later you’re still taking care of something that can be taken care of when you get back. If you can’t leave it at home, set aside half and hour a day to do spam control and look for emergencies (make sure you take care of ONLY emergency situations. You’ll be surprised at how many things can wait)
  4. Make the trip fairly long – What good is a 3 day weekend far away when Day 1 and Day 3 are spent traveling? No good at all. Try for a week so you can actually settle into your new surroundings and immerse yourself into the goodness that is

There ya go…a simple prescription for a fun yet rejuvenating trip that will hit the reset button and have you refreshed and ready to tackle any task that comes your way. I can’t wait to see what kind of ideas I come up with on my next trip.

If you’ve come up with any great ideas on a trip, share them with the world and let’s rock it. If you think there’s something missing from the list, let’s add to it.

Happy resetting!