How Laughing At Yourself Helps Business

Having the ability to laugh at yourself can help you in your business ventures, be it an entrepreneurial venture or any other venture in business no matter what the task is. It’s true. Even the entrepreneur, I know this to be true. Having also applied this while working for other people I know it has helped immensely also. It can obviously help in all aspects of life.

I thought of all this while babbling about life over at I was thinking about how having this ability to laugh at yourself simply makes life better. I then started thinking about how it’s helped me in business and in my entrepreneurial ventures and thought “damn! That’s good stuff! I gotta share it with my business folk!” So…here I am.

As business and techies are reading this I’ll keep it short and to the point.

How Laughing At Yourself Helps Business

  1. Being too serious will keep you from doing things – If you can’t laugh at yourself, you may be afraid to start that new company. “What if I fail?” So what. Laugh about some of the silly things you did (did you really need to buy 5,000 t-shirts for your three employees? Funny stuff…lesson learned) and move on.
  2. Laughing at your mistakes is a sign of confidence – When you screw up, laugh at yourself for making some silly decision, learning from it and moving on, others will see that as a sign of confidence and know that you will continue forward until you get it right.
  3. It’s easier to accept criticism – This one is two-fold. First, when you can laugh at yourself, I’m pretty sure you won’t get all bent out of shape when someone says “you were a dumbass to order those fliers and put them out in a hurricane”. Laugh about that (I mean c’mon, that’s funny shit) and then take that criticism to do it a bit smarter next time. Also, if you can laugh at yourself, people will feel more at ease to say “hey jackass, that font is atrocious” and you’ll simply clean it up and have something that looks better rather than getting all defensive and shit.

These three points alone help illustrate just how important it is to be able to laugh at yourself in business. I’m not saying you should put on some clown suit and tell jokes at your next client meeting…instead I’m saying you should stop taking yourself so seriously (if you are) and instead laugh at your silly mistakes, learn from them, and go kick some ass out there in the business world.