Putting Android 2.1 on the Samsung Moment

So there I was feeling irked that I still had to use Android 1.5 on my Samsung Moment. Sprint had said there would be an update a while ago and then the deadline got pushed. Watching new phones come out with 2.0, 2.1…frustrating I tell you. Plus the WWDC was going on today and everyone knew Steve Jobs would be talking about the iPhone4. Greaaaaat…I’ve got some old-ass phone that can’t even use all the Android apps. So…as I’ve been doing every few weeks, I hop on and do a quick search for “Samsung Moment 2.1 upgrade” on the giant search engine (I mean…do I really have to say which one I’ve used? Sheeeeit). I click on about half a dozen or so links looking to see when or where it may be and again I just come across a slew of “it got pushed back again” and “this is getting frustrating” articles.

Out of frustration I too sent my thoughts out into the Twittersphere. I believe my exact exclamation was “Hellloooo. Sprint. Samsung. We Moment users are ready to upgrade to Android 2.1. Whenever you’re ready.”

Moments later I noticed I had 3 replies (one from @SprintCare) stating it was already out.


How did I miss that? That was a fairly silent release (which the Sprint Care people said had a lot of hoopla for. Really? Ummm…no) that blew right by. No emails from Sprint to their Moment carrying customers. No big fanfare on the web. Nada. I’m sure there was some talk about it on the forums but it was pretty quiet in the mainstream press. Plus…it’s still pretty lame that Sprint didn’t bother to notify their Moment customers. Don’t get me wrong…I love Sprint. There’s a reason I have an Android phone over an iPhone…Sprint blows the doors off AT&T in terms of price, quality of service, customer support, etc. I’m just saying’…that was pretty lame…

If you don’t feel like eugooglizing the world to find it, you can find the update here on Sprint’s site. It has the download along with instructions.

So…the upgrade…egads…

Perhaps you’ve read Upgrading the Samsung Moment on here regarding a simple software update that wasn’t even an OS update. And perhaps you’ve read Samsung Moment Update – Part 2.

It’s pretty much the same. The only thing that was different is that I didn’t bother trying to use a virtual instance of Windows to try to install the new software. I went straight to the PCs. Sadly enough, I STILL couldn’t get Windows 7 Professional to install this. A few tries and I went back to my Windows Vista machine that I test various unknown software packages from (yup…sketchy stuff…don’t want to be destroying my normal work laptop while installing various drivers for devices I’m testing from afar).

The process is exactly the same though so I’m not going to bother going through it again. Refer back to Updating the Samsung Moment if you want detailed instructions (along with some possible pitfalls) and you should be good to go.

A few things to remember.

  • Take out your SD card. Don’t want to be losing stuff you saved. The update WILL wipe it clean if you forget to remove it.
  • Set aside plenty of time. Really.
  • Write down a list of all the apps you have.
  • Try to remember all your settings (I already forgot the settings for my Mindspring/Earthlink email account but don’t feel like dealing with that tonight)
  • Don’t forget to reboot your phone after redoing a bunch of your settings. (ie, I was slowly spiraling down into insanity when text messages were coming in as duplicates on both the stock SMS app and with Handcent SMS until I realized I had to reboot after turning off all the notification setting in the stock app).

That’s all for now. I tire of playing with this for tonight. So far I’m enjoying it a bit better. I’ll talk about that some other time. I have a sick kitty to take care of (as seen in www.WaxPorhetoric.com if you want to see the sappy side of pseudo-geek).