Samsung Moment Update – Part 2

Updating the Samsung Moment shall be continued here. I’ve noticed a number of people looking for help with this issue.

Two topics/issues here…the software update and the OS update. First we’ll discuss the OS (Android) update since it’s quick and easy. There is none yet. However…the good news is that there are several reports that Sprint will update the Samsung Moment to Android 2.1 in April. Guess what…it’s April now! When will this happen? Nobody knows…they just said April. It’s probably best to be vague so they can work out as many kinks as possible and not create a bunch of unhappy users if they have to push it back from a firm date.

One issue concerning Android phones right now is that currently there are four…yes, FOUR versions (1.5, 1.6, 2.0, and 2.1). Talk about fragmentation. A new customer has to do a lot of research before buying a new Android phone to see if it has all the features they want, the form factor, and then to see if they’re running an old or new OS. Bad move Google. Supposedly they’ll be fixing this fragmentation issue with the next couple releases of the OS. Wait…what? Yeah, that means there will be six versions of the OS as they try to reel it all back in. Yeahhh…I’m just going to try to enjoy my phone for what it is and see what they do.

Ok…now for the tricky part…updating your Samsung Moment to software version CL14. You saw in my previous post that ist’s pretty much a pain in the ass. You need time, diligence, a list of all your apps (since you’re going to wipe your phone clean), more time, patience, good trouble shooting skills, probably a couple computers…

It’s a known problem that your Moment may not update when you attempt to go through all the steps. It’s frustrating and you may think you’re doing something wrong or you fried your phone. Don’t worry, you didn’t. It’s just a really poor implementation. No matter how many tips and tricks you follow (believe me, there are a million of them on the web. You’ll be using Google to no end finding as many tips as possible) you still may be SOL because your computer still may not want to recognize your Moment via USB. I went through THREE different computers before I was finally able to do this.

My main suggestions for updating your Samsung Moment to CL14:

  1. Set aside PLENTY of time
  2. Make sure you have access to a few different computers (PCs so far…I haven’t been able to update it on a Mac yet even with a virtual instance of Windows 7 installed)
  3. Search the web for at least five different workarounds that people have used, keep those tabs open on your browser and keep trying
  4. Remember that your computer may not try it, don’t get discouraged, and keep one trucking

If you’re feeling a bit daunted with all this, you probably should be. It’s not the easiest update around even if you happen to get lucky and have a computer that is capable of doing this on the first run. You’ll still have to go through plenty of steps, reboots, installations, etc.

If you’re getting ready to tackle it, let’s see if we can wait until Android 2.1 comes out. If we can upgrade to 2.1 without needing the CL14 update, why go through all that trouble?

Viva la Android! (yet they’ve still got a way to go before being as easy as the Apple iPhone)

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  1. Does anybody know what specs the 2.1 update have or what bugs it is supposed to fix?

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