More iPad Predictions

I’ve got some iPad predictions for you. I know, I know, why don’t I just go ahead and jump on the iPad bandwagon like everyone else? Hell, this post will probably get lost in the bazillion iPad articles out there already but at least the loyal readers of Chia Town will get to ponder the impact the iPad will have on us all rather than the posts of “it’s heavier than the Kindle” and “I don’t want to be tied to just one network”.

I’ll make it short. I know you’re getting inundated with April Fool’s emails and such. Let’s go over these predictions and discuss:

  1. Apple’s stock will continue to climb because of the iPad – Why? First, you’ve got the obvious hardware sales. Next up, you’ve got yet more sales to be made in the App Store. It also opens up a whole new ecosystem with the publishers. That’s a pretty good revenue stream coming in for Apple.
  2. Laptops, even MacBooks and MacBook Pros will look like boring business machines – People will look at their big heavy laptops and use them mainly for work and keep their iPads out in the living room for some quick email checking or the bedroom for some pre-bed reading. Who wants to lug a big laptop all around?
  3. Computers aren’t just for “creating” anymore – The iPad will be quite a consuming device. Consuming apps, games, books. We all know we aren’t going to create any wondrous app on this thing however we will certainly use it to buy a lot of stuff.
  4. A new category of computing devices is named – Let’s look up at #3. Maybe this WON’T be considered a computer. It’s clearly not a desktop, laptop, or netbook (all considered computers). It’s not an iPod. It’s a hybrid of an iPod and a computer…but just what the hell is it? Once again…Apple creates a new industry.

I stop at four. Everyone does five or ten. Booooring! I think however this is enough thought-provoking tidbits to get us all discussing the merits of such. Agree? Disagree? Have stuff to add? Let’s get to it!

PS – I’ve got a few more thoughts but I wouldn’t want to bias what you have to say. After enough people chime in I’ll go ahead and spew more thoughts out.