New Venture Spotlight: Give Me a Mac

Give Me a Mac ( is a new venture that just launched their website yesterday. What started out as a plea for a new Mac from any generous donor is already morphing into a non-profit organization that will help underprivileged people everywhere that also need a computer. The lofty goals of Give Me a Mac will enable children to receive these gifts to help with school work, adults to receive the Macs to help with their job searches, college students with computers to work on their projects without having to hit the computer lab or any other person or organization that shows a need.

It’s funny how companies can change…sometimes it happens immediately (Give Me a Mac went from a “please help I need a new computer” concept to this new vision within half a week of inception) and sometimes it takes decades (remember when IBM made typewriters…moved into the computer hardware arena and now they are a software and services company).

Change is good. Helping out the needy is good. It’s good to see that entrepreneurs still care about the community (yes, I’m talking about myself here but mad props also go to the Woz and, as much as I’m not a fan of Microsoft business practices, I’m fairly pleased with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

Go check out Give Me a Mac, donate your old Mac if you can (not looking for money…just computers), and ponder how we can use technology to improve the lives of others. Once you’ve looked it all over and pondered it all shoot some comments and ideas on over and we’ll continue to teach the ways of being a computer geek to those that need it.