It’s Official! Palm Pre To Be Released June 6

It’s official! No more rumors or speculation as to when the Palm Pre will be released. Sprint will begin selling the Palm Pre on June 6th. It’s about time!

Palm Pre goes on sale June 6, 2009
Palm Pre goes on sale June 6, 2009

The details of such glorious event are as follows

  • When: June 6, 2009
  • Where: Sprint stores,, Best Buy, Radio Shack, some Wal-Mart stores
  • Cost: $199.99 with a two-year agreement and after $100 rebate

When the Palm Pre was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) back in January we were told it would be released in the “first half of 2009”. Well, I guess they managed to make it in under that deadline. My personal thoughts on having a nearly six month wait for this device is rather dumb. Why give Apple and Research in Motion a chance to see what the Pre will be offering and then ramp up the iPhone and Blackberries so they can have similar features? I’m sure it was all marketing…trying to generate loads of buzz but you don’t need half a year of buzz. In this day and age technology changes at such a rapid pace so holding off for so long could be very detrimental. What once took years for a major tech change to take place can now happen in a matter of months.

The interesting thing about the June 6 date is that it is two days before Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), a time Apple sometimes uses to showcase new products and services. Gotta give Palm some credit for being so ballsy about that. I do appreciate good competition and hopefully this will create better iPhones, Blackberries, and Pres for us all.

June 6th! The Palm Pre will finally be here and we can actually talk about how it REALLY is instead of what we think it is.

*Additional comment – Hopefully Sprint plays this right and doesn’t screw current SERO plan users and require them to upgrade to the Simply Everything plan. The Simply Everything plan obviously costs more money and may piss off current SERO users enough to say “Screw you Sprint” and move to AT&T for the iPhone since they’ll be forced to “upgrade” to a new plan anyway. The cost of losing current SERO users greatly outweighs the extra money pulled in from the few that “upgrade” to the Simply Everything plan.