The Rumor of Verizon Offering the iPhone

Today’s rumor mill is abuzz about Verizon possibly picking up Apple’s iPhone when AT&T’s exclusive deal runs next year. I must say I’m rather skeptical about this right now. I’m noticing most of the rumors credit the same source and all look the same. It just takes one rumor…

So let’s think about this. The iPhone is currently on AT&T’s GSM network. Verizon is currently running on a CDMA network. Both AT&T and Verizon plan on going to LTE for the 4G network, however Verizon plans on taking its time whereas AT&T should implement the new network a bit more quickly.

If Apple is going to let Verizon in on this they’ll have to develop the iPhone to run on yet another network (CDMA). I’ve heard that Apple isn’t so keen on doing this. Yes, Apple will have to do this to move forward with LTE so they’ve already got to redo the guts of the iPhone once…but do they really want to do this twice? Hell, while they’re at it they might as well go to Sprint and do CDMA and then for WiMax, Sprint’s 4G network.

That’s the geeky justification as to why I don’t think Apple is so keen on jumping ship just yet. However the business side of me thinks it would be a great idea for Apple to head on over to Verizon because they’ll have access to a lot more customers (Verizon’s got the largest user base right now).

Soooooo…what will they do? This I ponder.