Palm Pre To Be Launched By May 17?

The rumor mill concerning the Palm Pre is going nuts right now. A few days ago there were two differing rumor opinions as to which “early” date the Pre would be launched. The first was Tax Day (April 15) and the other was May 17. As Tax Day rapidly approaches this seems a bit far-fetched. There is also “supporting evidence” that the Pre will be launched on May 17th. This “evidence” is a supposedly leaked document from Sprint outlining the training that Sprint employees must take for the Pre launch. Awww yeah! Many rumors have been floating around that it may be launched on May 16th however I tend to follow the conventional wisdom that the 16th will be Sprint’s preparation day and launch will be on the 17th. The 17th also makes sense as Sprint seems to enjoy launching phones on a Sunday (another reason I didn’t really fall for the Tax Day launch, which happens to be a Wednesday).

Another tidbit of information that supports an upcoming launch is that a few Pres have been seen out in the wild. The Boy Genius Report has pictures and a short blurb about an event that was held and some observant bystanders noticed a couple people filming the event on their Pres. Rock on!

Two Palm Pres being used out in the wild.
Two Palm Pres being used out in the wild.

Exciting times I must say. I’m tired of waiting. I still think Palm should give me one to test but I guess that’s up to them. Psh. I guess I can wait another month and then start my own testing of it. Until then I’ll continue fawning over any news report I can find and report it to the masses. I’ve also applied to be an early user of the Pre’s SDK program so hopefully they’ll let me in and I can start working on some apps that I’ve had in mind.

If anyone else out there has any news on the Pre feel free to report it to me. Any comments on anything I write in Chia Town are also appreciated. A community is more fun when there are discussions going on.