What’s Not To Love About Sprint?

Recently a friend posted a link to a video of one of the new Sprint commercials to our little newsgroup. This of course put me on a quick little rant of all things groovy about Sprint. This then led to someone commenting “…you went there. We won’t be able to get him to shut up about Sprint now.” and he was right. I was a rambling fool.

For those of you who aren’t in the know or only read the big headlines about Sprint Nextel (losing customers, posting losses, blah blah blah) let’s go ahead and put together a quick little list of cool things about Sprint.

  1. Amazon’s Kindle zooms around on Sprint’s network
  2. Sprint’s network is amazingly fast
  3. The Sprint/Clearwire WiMax joint venture is taking off and getting rave reviews. Check out this video (you have to sit through some 3G talk though)
  4. Ford plans on putting wireless in their new vehicles
  5. Palm’s exclusive agreement with Sprint helps revenues. That Palm Pre is gonna rawk!

Just a few quick things about Sprint that I find notable. Yes, AT&T has the iPhone. Sure, Verizon has a giant network. Sprint though…they’ve got cool stuff. If they can just survive these rough times I think they could have something great to offer us all.