Barnes & Noble and Sprint to Develop eBook Offering

You know I couldn’t let an interesting story (just a rumor for now) concerning Sprint pass me by. Rumor has it that Barnes & Noble is working with Sprint Nextel and an unnamed device maker to offer eBook services similar to the Amazon Kindle. Hm…interesting. Barnes & Noble tried this a few years back working with Microsoft and Adobe but it didn’t really work out due to lagging demand. Perhaps the time has come to try again?

Interestingly enough, Barnes & Noble bought electronic bookseller Fictionwise for $15.7 million last month. Hm…interesting. The writing does seem to be on the wall, yah? The Kindle is expected to have $285 million in sales, giving Amazon a $63 million profit. I can see why Barnes & Noble might find this interesting.

Back to Sprint…this could be a another boost to their revenues and my oh my do they need it. It pains me to see a company with such a fast network struggling so (of course they aren’t guiltless after botching the Nextel merger so badly and having crappy customer support for so long). They’re trying…they really are. I hope it’s not too late for them. With the WiMax deal finally moving forward with Clearwire (and Intel, Time Warner, Comcast and others), the Palm Pre coming out soon, and this rumor of the eBook thing, perhaps they can regain some market share. Since the Kindle already zooms through the air on Sprint’s network it would be quite interesting if Sprint ends up slowly redefining their revenue sources (kind of like how Apple did with the iPod). Hmmmm…interesting.

Aren’t rumors fun?