Keep On Working

Hello fellow tech geeks, business dorks, and all around cool people who read Chia Town. Today’s topic will be on working…working on any sort of project for any sort of pay. Some of us are lucky enough to have stable employment out there while some of us are struggling to make ends meet as we find ourselves in the unfortunate position of being laid off. In either case, work work work. Don’t be complacent with whatever job you may have (a sure-fire way to be included in the next round of layoffs) or let depression get you down from being laid off.

In my particular case I’ve been involving myself in a number of side projects. Some of them will pay me at some point down the road, some of them may be quite lucrative down the road, and some are just fun things that keep me going while building up the portfolio. I could be sitting there spending hour after hour looking for a full time job with the thousands of other people or I could find ways to divide my time wisely working on a variety of different projects. I’ve just recently started working with a band that I started working with well over a decade ago and I’m finding that sense of excitement again as I dive into the world of design (doing a CD cover for them) and music (Novocaine…a metal band in Atlanta). Each time I work with local bands, no matter what genre they are in, I find myself crunching away the hours joyfully and gleefully before realizing just how many hours I had put behind me.

So just what does all this rambling mean? “Oh yay Chia, so you’re working on a CD design”. No…no, it’s more than that. Look at the big picture here. While continuing to build the infrastructure of a consulting firm I started I am also working with some local bands, a local market, some food people, and getting ready to work with some video people. One could say I’m spreading myself too thin. However, in this economic climate you can’t simply sit back, send in a resume and hope to get that dream job. You’ve got to work on a lot of things…keep on working. Build up your portfolio…keep on working. You may not get paid immediately for what you are working on but you can continue to hone your skills and you can continue to build up your portfolio. Who knows…maybe, just maybe one of your side projects, paying or not, will turn into that dream job you’ve been longing for.