Network and Get Noticed Damnit!

If you want to land that job or that dream account, you had better get out there and make a name for yourself and put it out in front of the people.

Here in the U.S. and around the world we’re having some not-so-fun economic times. Unemployment is high and people everywhere are vying to get a job, any job. HR managers are having to sift through countless resumes as they decide who they will hire to fill the position. Does yours stand out from the crowd?

As some of you know I too have been hit by this recession. I’ve gone all out yet again to tweak my social networking status, to become more active in community chats, and to make sure people know who I am and what I’m about. In the past I’ve often landed a job simply because I knew someone and was able to leverage that relationship. This relationship building becomes even more relevant as even more people try to get the same position.

Key points to remember as you network and make a name for yourself:

  1. Network damnit! – Get out there, meet people. If you have any sort of affiliations, join them. Join an alumni group, a regional group, an industry group. The more people you know, the better your chances are to know someone that you can talk to and pitch your cause. Not only that, they will be able to put a face with the name when they file through the resumes.
  2. Be active – Just getting out there won’t mean squat if you don’t actually engage yourself with others. Join a discussion online or offline. If you’ve got an opinion, voice it. The more opinions you have to share, the more you’ll be noticed. If you’re an expert in a particular area it’s a great way for you to prove to the world that you ARE an expert.
  3. Be unique – There are millions of people out there. At some networking events people can meet hundreds of people in a day. Will you remember 100 people that you met in a day? Probably not…so why should a recruiter or anyone else remember you if you’re just like everyone else. Be unique in YOUR own way. It can be in what you wear, how you carry yourself, what you bring to the table…whatever it is, bring it.

There are other elements to remember as you’re networking (ie, be yourself, be confident, be prepared, etc) but following these three key items will certainly give you a jump start and put you at the front of the pack. Join some online discussions, engage in friendly debate, put yourself out there. Do these things and you will have an advantage over the flies on the wall.