Eager for the Palm Pre

It’s been a while since the Palm Pre was announced at CES and I’m still buggin’ for it. I tire of looking around and seeing everyone with their fancy little iPhones and I’m using a phone that you’d see Sonny Crockett talking on back in the ’80s. I try not to read too much about it but every now and then I feel the need to check and see what new features have been discovered and what I may want to use it for.

Here’s my latest bit of excitement and gripes about Palm.

  • Yay for updating the OS. It’s about time. I’m excited to see how developers will discover the strengths of webOS.
  • Boo for making us wait so long. “The first half of the year”? Seriously? Don’t you dare make me wait until June. Can’t you at least give us a date to look forward to?
  • Yay for being on Adobe’s list of mobile phones that Flash will be functional on.
  • Boo for Sprint Nextel being the only carrier to carry the phone. I think Palm needs a bit more help than a carrier that just lost 1.3 million customers in the last quarter.
  • Yay for initial reports that the Palm Pre will be $199 or $149 with contract. I’ll extend my contract with no hesitation to get that baby in my hands.
  • Yay for a better camera. I tire of taking sub-par pictures on my Treo right now.
  • Super yay for Sprint giving the green light to tether the Pre to your laptop and use it as a modem. I did the same with my Treo and saw no need to get DSL or cable internet at my place for half a year until my roommate needed broadband at our place.

I’m more than ready for the Pre to come out. We need a new and innovative player in the smartphone arena. The Treo and Blackberry didn’t inspire anybody in the beginning. Nokia was generally an unknown in the smartphone space except for a handful of geeks that took advantage of the capabilities the java OS had to offer. The iPhone shook things up a bit and suddenly smartphones were on everyone’s wish list. The webOS looks like the next thing to make people go “oooohhhh” and “ahhhhh”.

Yeah, you saw me ramble on about the Samsung Instict when it was first announced…I’ll admit I had a bit of envy for that. However, after getting my hands on it I was less than impressed. After seeing everything the Palm Pre has to offer (and being a bit more cautious not to go overboard on vaporware) I can’t stop thinking about it and wanting it. Hey Palm…how about sending one my way so I can test it out for ya and writing an in-depth review? Bueno? Bueno…


  1. I’d love if they sent me one to demo as well 😉 Should be an awesome phone!

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