Give Some to Get Some

Hello to my fellow readers…it’s time for yet another installment of Chia Town. Today we shall talk about giving and getting back. We sit here and we ponder business. We try to figure out how to increase the bottom line. How can we maximize profits? How do we survive? How do we win? Do we cut employees? Do we act like sharks and squeeze every dime out of every customer?

I am a firm believer in working hard but I believe even more in doing the right thing. I’ve been a proponent of helping those with goals and passions and doing what I can to help them achieve their goals. It may be a dog eat dog world out there but sometimes you gotta give some to get some. Times are tough for all of us. We can’t squeeze blood out of a stone so why do we try? Sometimes all you need is a little break…and that little break can make all the difference.

Sometimes you gotta give a bit…on the spreadsheets that your account has there’s something called “goodwill”. This is generally used to describe activities that your company has performed (which usually involve money) that really have no tangible explanation. However, it is this action that will help increase sales down the road as it shows the commitment of your company to support the community, your commitment to your customers, and so forth. You can do other things that help both you and your customer though…give a little and you can get something back in return.

What exactly am I talking about? There are a few ways this can work. Some firms/individuals do pro bono work. Good…keep it up. You get to build up your portfolio, build your experience, and help those that need it. You can also be a bit more lenient in your billing. There are many small companies that are living on a shoe string budget however just given the proper chance these companies can grow to be thriving entities. Partner up with them. Do good work and help them out as you work on it all. Who knows where things will go.

Now I’m not saying you should give all your work away and work freely with reckless abandon. I’m just saying you should evaluate each scenario you are in. Put yourself in their shoes and see if it’s worth helping them succeed. In times like this you can never build up too many quality alliances and good relationships.

Give some and get some. It works in general life and it works in business. Give it a try.