Despite the Economy, We Need to Keep Pursuing Our Passions

Well…yesterday I too was affected by this dreamy economy. I was in an extensive training program for a new job and all was going well. I was prepping to fly to Dallas for three weeks for yet more training and then I was to enjoy my time as an Analyst in the Business Intelligence arm of my company. Alas…amidst all the layoffs we’ve seen this past week my team got on a conference call where we heard the dreaded words “we cannot continue with the investment in this program. We’re terribly sorry…”

So there I was…jobless already. Oddly enough, I didn’t fret. I’ll admit my heart sank (or maybe it was my adam’s apple dropping down to my stomach…it all felt pretty much the same). How am I going to pay these bills? What am I going to do with life? Ummmm…well…

However, within minutes of putting it out there (Twitter…which also fed to Facebook) I was getting loads of messages from people. Resume was sent out within an hour to someone but more importantly I was reassured that opportunities still exist.

I’m a firm believer in pursuing our passions. I don’t care if I’m good at this and that and I SHOULD do something based on a particular skillset. If it’s not my passion it still leads to a fairly miserable existence. We’ve all heard the phrase “I work to live, not live to work”. Now, given this economy one would say “stop being so damn picky and get whatever job you can.” Problem is, EVERYONE is doing that…which means we’ve got a nation full of miserable people.

In the past few weeks I’ve seen a few other friends and associates lose their jobs too. The associates that I knew gained instant street cred with me because instead of boo-hooing how rough life was and lamenting on the fact they don’t have a job, they went out and started their own ventures. This is the perfect time to start your own thing (given you’re filling the right niche). Why wait for someone to tell you that you’ve got no job anymore? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Why not go out and work hard and reap the rewards of your hard work? Control your destiny, stay in control of your financial security, and do what you like.

So here I am…Friday afternoon, jobless, nothing lined up yet, pondering life. It gives me the opportunity to not leave my girlfriend for three weeks, the opportunity to have a few more drinks cheering on the Steelers in the Super bowl this weekend than I would if I was in training, and I’ve got the opportunity to work with some great people doing what I’m truly passionate about. I’m hoping I’ll have even better news to report by early next week. Stay tuned…

Keep your heads up. Don’t look at this as a time that is beating us all down. Look at it as a time to separate the weak from the strong. Look at it as a time to find new opportunities. I’ve seen more opportunities now than I have in the past few years. You can do it too…you just have to believe in yourself, your abilities, and have the will and determination to get out there and do it the way YOU know it should be done. Here’s to all the entrepreneurs that are taking the risks and realizing the rewards.


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