Building Bridges

First, I apologize for the long delay since my last post. I’ve started a new job while continuing to work on some side projects. This economy may have taken my time but it hasn’t taken my drive…don’t let it take yours!

As we go through life looking to achieve our goals, we often stay so focused on the main goal that we get frustrated if we don’t get there in one easy journey. That 100 mile jaunt seems so so far away, obstacles everywhere. How can we do this? Bridges. Lots of bridges that get us over the obstacles. A little bridge over this creek, a bigger bridge over that road, and before you know it you’re at your destination. What seemed like an insurmountable maze of obstacles is now behind you and you’re on your way to a successful business.

So just what am I rambling on about when I talk about these bridges? It could be anything…all depending on what your specific needs are in business (or life in general).

Perhaps you’re looking for funding to get your business in a lean mean operating state. You need $250,000 or so. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get that lump sum all at once. Keep moving forward. A quick $5K here (much easier to get…even from a personal loan) and there can keep your company going until you get that major investing.

Maybe it’s a mixture of time and money. You’re fairly sure you’ll get the funding you need but it’s a couple months down the road. Unfortunately that doesn’t pay the bills that are due now. Find a job in the interim, find that minor funding, see what bills you can postpone and when the time nears you’ll still be able to act.

The main lesson here is don’t give up.

Build the bridges. It’s the same as “taking things one step at a time”. Ok…maybe it’s a little bit more. This may take a little more effort as you decide which bridge to build, which bridge to take. But it’s a much better option than simply giving up on your dreams and passions.