Be Ready For Any Opportunity

The economy blows and unemployment is at a ridiculous high…so what do I do? I quit my job. That’s right…you heard me. I quit. Why? Because there are opportunities out there that I just couldn’t pass up.

Are you done rolling your eyes and calling me various derogatory names? It’s true…all true. Now granted, those of you that know me and those of you that have been loyal readers for a while have known about this entrepreneurial bug that inhabits my body. There is no vaccine that can rid me of this thing. I’m glad though…very glad. It keeps me fresh, it keeps me young, and it keeps me on top of my game. I will never be complacent or rest on my laurels as many do once they establish themselves in a job.

So…back to the details. I had a job doing support work for a company that does EDI. Probably the worst company I’ve ever worked for (the management decisions that these buffoons made were mind boggling) and the position took a turn for the worse as they moved me to the graveyard shift. Yeahhh…my body didn’t react to well to that, let alone scaling back on every social and networking event for the past few months. Finally enough was enough and I started up another consulting firm to start bringing in some side money until I had the company established enough to take care of me…or until I found a better job.

Both came to fruition. I found a MUCH better job (better pay, better hours, better company, better benefits, better all around). As nice as it was to have a “stable” job during these times I never stopped looking. Lo-and-behold, look what happens.

BUT…the true excitement comes in the side work I was doing. Originally contacted to do some web work, I was able to help them out with their immediate needs while spewing forth some business ideas. I couldn’t help it…I saw so much untapped potential in what was going on and soon we were feeding off each other, tossing ideas back and forth and discussing how to move forward on a myriad of projects, new products, business ideas, and so forth. Now I’m already pulled into the fold and in discussions to be a permanent member of this all. I’m not at liberty to discuss the details yet…but, let me tell ya…it’s big. And all this came about because I refused to put the blinders on, refused to be complacent, and was able to jump on an opportunity as I saw fit.

So that’s where things stand now. My desire to stay on top of things, to better myself, to help those that deserve the best, and to leave myself open to opportunities as they arise has opened a few doors for me and they are all very exciting.

No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, keep the possibilities open to explore new opportunities. It doesn’t always have to be as drastic as quitting your job but can instead be an opportunity make new friends, partake in a new activity, enjoy life. Keep your eyes open and undoubtedly you will see something good that is worth jumping on.