Walmart and Sam’s Club to Sell Apple’s iPhone

So it’s official, Walmart and Sam’s Club will be selling the Apple iPhone. Yes, I know I’m a little late to the game but maybe some of you haven’t heard the news yet. So here I am…keeping my readers informed.

Anyway, a few days ago it was confirmed that select Walmart and Sam’s Club stores will be selling Apple’s iPhone beginning December 28. Interesting timing…I’m not really sure why they’re waiting until AFTER Christmas. Perhaps there will be a significant discount and they want to milk the larger profit margins for Christmas? (pure speculation on my part…don’t take my word for it). Or maybe they just want that last minute, giant push of sales before the year ends. I mean c’mon…it’s not like Walmart isn’t a big distribution channel or anything…

Details detail details…let’s see. Roughly 2,500 of the 3,500 Walmart stores will carry the iPhone while 69 Sam’s Club stores will also carry it. I’m leaning to this being a damn good move on Apple’s part. At first I was thinking “will this dilute the high end Apple image?” but then realized iPods are already sold in every major store now while the computers are being sold in larger stores such as Best Buy, MicroCenter, Fry’s…so I say no to that theory. So all that leaves in my mind is that it is a good idea as you’ve got nearly 2,600 more outlets around the country for people to pick up an iPhone, feel it, see it, and ultimately buy it.

So there ya go. If you don’t have an Apple Store near you and you want to check out this iPhone thingy that everyone is talking about, head over to your local Walmart on December 28 and get ready to be sucked into Apple’s reality distortion field. It’s a grand place to be.