Apple’s iPhone Now Ranks 2nd in Business Smartphones

And there you have it…Apple’s iPhone has just overtaken Palm for the number two spot in business for smartphone penetration. We already knew the iPhone was taking the consumer market by storm, but this jump to number two in the enterprise is big news for the people up there in Cupertino.

Palm is making it really hard for me to want to wait it out and see what their next generation OS and phone will be like. I love my Treo 755p and I love the dirt cheap unlimited data plan I have with Sprint, but dirt cheap can keep me interested for only so long. I’ve been eyeing the iPhone for a while but it still didn’t make business sense for me. With Palm continuing their slide to obscurity, the iPhone making more inroads into both business and consumer hands, what’s a boy to do? I can tell it’s only a matter of time now. With Apple releasing the iPhone 2.2 update which adds nifty features like Google Maps Street View and public transit directions, stability improvements and other enhancements, more people (and businesses) will be heading over to AT&T to get these phones.

Kudos to you Apple. You’ve broken into a seemingly impenetrable market (mobile phones in this instance), made your mark, and are now breaking into the enterprise and shaking up the old guard. Maybe…just maybe Steve Jobs IS a genius.

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