Is Apple Sneaking Into The Gaming Market?

Gamers tend to fall into two categories…PC gamers and console gamers. For the PC, it’s basically just that…games on the PC. Yes, there are games available for the Mac but serious gamers shun the Mac as a gaming platform. On the console side we’re all familiar with the battles between the Microsoft’s XBox, Sony’s Playstation, and Nintento’s Wii. Other consoles have come and gone over the years but it seems as if these three are here to stay.

Nowhere in the history of gaming has anyone ranted about Apple as being a platform of choice for gaming. Nope. Just not there.

Enter the iPhone. Have you seen how many games are available for this thing? According to one article at the LA Times there are nearly 1,700 games available since the App Store opened in June. Good…freaking…googly. Those are mammoth numbers! From simple games developed by unknown developers to well-known games developed by the bigger names in gaming, games dominate the downloads for the iPhone.

When the iPhone was first released it was widely speculated that the iPhone was Apple’s Trojan Horse into the enterprise. Perhaps it is. However, one cannot ignore these numbers. With already 1,700 games…one thousand seven hundred…in a mere five months, Apple may be sneaking their way into a new source of revenue. We can only guess what they’ll do with this information. Perhaps they make a handheld gaming device to compete with Nintendo’s DS Lite or Sony’s PSP or maybe they’ll think bigger and go for a console gaming system. Maybe they’ll do nothing and let it be a niche product for the phone (can we really call 7 of the top 10 iPhone apps “niche”?). I don’t know…but Apple is clearly comfortable with exploring opportunities beyond desktop and laptop computers. Time will tell but I for will be keeping my eyes on this development.

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  1. Casual gamers are a huge untapped market. The iPhone is clearly moving quickly to fill that void. I have several games on my iPhone. I can’t be bothered to play console games or games on my Mac, primarily because of time. But when I have an extra ten or fifteen minutes want a breather, my iPhone is always with me.

    Which reminds me: I need to move up another few levels in Spore Origins.

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