Acting vs. Reacting

It’s a competitive world out there. Companies must compete with one another in order to increase the bottom line. It’s not unlike a sporting event where two teams are duking it out with each other as they try to win the game. In business, as in the sporting world, it is usually the team that is taking action rather than reacting to the other team’s actions that wins the game. If you are forced to react, make sure you are able to react quickly before too much ground is lost.

Sounds like a simple concept, doesn’t it? Take the first step and be first to market. Often times this may be cost-prohibitive with R&D costs but more often than not you can be the first to act and watch your competition scramble to react to your moves.

In the business world it is often a sad fate of growth to become saddled with bureaucracy and other slow-moving policies when your company grows. It doesn’t have to be this way though. There are many companies that have realized if they want to keep their competitive edge they must keep this young thriving culture. Keep the ideas fresh. Keep pressing on. Be a step ahead of your competition. Let them be the ones reacting to your moves and struggle to keep pace with you. It’s much more fun to be the leader instead of the chaser.

I could go on and give specific examples of why this works. Why bother though? I want you to think about it yourself. Think about small companies. Large companies. Sports teams. More often than not you’ll see the groups that are hungry to succeed are the ones that are winning while the groups that are content with simply reacting to their competition to be lagging behind.

Get out there! Act! Let the others react to you.