Networking Networking Networking

We’ve all heard it before…the power of networking. Networking is good, blah blah blah. Yet, I still believe many people fail to realize the power of networking so let me bring it up yet again.

Networking can be the key to your happiness! Seriously…with proper networking you can land a better job, you can have more contacts if you’re an entrepreneur, and hell…it just makes life better as you surround yourself with good people.

So what exactly is “networking”? Is it going to a “networking event” with a handful of business cards and schmoozing with people you think are worth knowing? I used to have that naive definition. Over the years however I have come to realize that it means so much more. It means getting out and meeting people. Given my love for building solid relationships and constantly expanding my circle, it comes as a more natural thing to me. Yet…it’s that understanding that networking is simply another definition of meeting new people.

This networking diatribe all comes about from a late night IM session I just had with a friend up at Carnegie Mellon. He’s a student up there…bright guy obviously. The conversation started with talks on his new girlfriend and by the end I was telling him about my new startup, what I want it to be, and how he can fit into the whole scheme of things. Soon I’ll have a nice branding package and he’ll have another item for his portfolio. My first client with the new gig was also someone I met many years ago that has decided to start up his own company too.

Networking is quite easy. If we stop thinking of it as some task that we must do and look at it in terms of utilizing resources we already have available to us, it’s quite easy! So get out there and network. Enrich your life, drum up some business, and have a grand time connecting with new people that create new opportunities.