Palm Becoming More Irrelevant With Latest OS News

Why Palm, why?!?! It’s not ground-breaking news, but it is official news at least (rather than the many rumors that were flying around for a while). Palm’s next OS, code-named Nova, is due to come out in the third quarter of 2009. Two thousand NINE!!! Originally slated to come out at the end of 2008 it has been pushed back by nearly a year.

WTF Palm? Did you happen to notice this consumer electronics company Apple taking big bites out of the smartphone market? Perhaps you didn’t see the news about that little search engine company named Google that has a free phone OS named Android that will be coming out in two weeks? Seriously Palm…do you REALLY expect to maintain any sort of competitive ability when you push off an OS by an entire year? I predict there will be dozens of Android-based phones out by then. Apple will have yet more market penetration. Even Nokia will be releasing updated versions of Symbian as they have already purchased the remainder of it and plan to open it up. We’re in the 21st century Palm. One year is quite a long time in technology time.

I love my Treo 755p. It’s an awesome phone, but I can’t say I’ll be wanting to lug this thing around in a year when my contract is up for renewal and I’m eligible to get a discount on a new phone. Why cruise around town in a ’94 Civic when I can zip around in a 2008 Lexus? Loyalty only goes so far guys and you’re really really testing the limits of the Palm loyal fans.