Another Case For Being An Entrepreneur

There are many good reasons to be an entrepreneur if you can stomach the long hours, the uncertainty, the relative instability. Now I could go and list a bunch of good reason that we’ve all heard before (financial independence, work your own hours, be your own boss, blah blah blah) but it’s right now when the economy is going down the shitter that I’m glad I’ve been an entrepreneur in the past and still have that bug biting me hard. 

The economy blows…there’s no denying that. Housing market sucks, stock market sucks, financial market sucks, and unemployment is getting scary again. I’m watching people left and right freak out for one reason or another…and for reasons well deserved. Many people (perhaps I should say “most” people?) have become complacent with where they are and what they’ve got. They have their job, they got their raises, they elevated their spending to keep pace with their income (or perhaps they’ve raised it even more and are piling on the debt). Now the economy is tightening and people are either losing their jobs or worrying about losing them. If they lose their jobs, they’re screwed. If they even take a slight pay cut, they’re screwed.

This is where it pays to have been an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs have been conditioned to not live too far beyond their means. They’ve come to live with the uncertainty of paychecks and bills. There is often no structured pay period…we can all strive for it but it still depends on when the revenue comes in. So when the macro-economic picture turns ugly, entrepreneurs are already prepared and pretty much continuing on with life as they know it.

So there you have it. Find your passion, start a business, and start doing something for yourself. Be in control of how you live your life. It really is that easy…and so so worth it.