Long Overdue Recap of Business & Technology Events

Business and technology moves abound. Yes, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted and there’s been quite a few things I wanted to comment on such as Google’s Chrome browser, Best Buy selling the Samsung Instinct, the iPhone vs Instinct debate, and of course T-Mobile’s Android-based phone called the G1.

So why have I been remiss in my duties? It’s been busy out there. In case nobody has noticed, our economy is going in the shitter. Luckily I wasn’t one of those that bought a house during the bubble so I’m not affected too much by that, however the ensuing stock market meltdown has hit me. Thus I’ve been busy working on some side projects and on the new gig I’m doing at an EDI company.

One interesting thing to note is an article I read in a small business/entrepreneurial focused magazine. They noted that many small business owners were closing down shop and returning to Corporate America. I found that rather ironic as I was just finishing up my paperwork to start another company. I’d much rather build something solid, something I trust, something I know the ins and outs of and how it is affected by market conditions, the economy, the competition, and so forth instead of being an underling in some company that cuts jobs reacting to those forces. The new gig is still in the works…a lot depends on me getting back to the Bay Area and simply being in close proximity to the tech geeks, the VCs, and just a culture that fosters such innovative thought. With a mix of a couple big ideas and enough smaller ones I think I’ll be able to sustain life while working on the small ones and hopefully hitting one out of the park if one or more of the big ones take off.

I must give credit to a longtime friend from Carnegie Mellon who sent me a text message tonight. His text not only supplied yet another good business idea for me to mull over but it also inspired me to hop on here and let my readers know I’m still alive and kickin’. Thanks Stu…I owe ya one.

Just a few more random thoughts before signing off for the night.

1) The process for getting Apple to sign off on selling apps for the iPhone is ridiculous. I’ve been talking to a few friends about various ideas (three or four good ones to start things off) but after seeing the time and brain drain we’re rethinking that. Can we say Android anyone?

2) Android phones…I didn’t really plan on getting giddy about them but after seeing HTC’s G-1 phone…good…freakin’…googly. I want that. I’m looking forward to seeing how it fares out in the real market.

3) “What about the Samsung Instinct that you’ve been talking so much about?” Eh…after picking it up and using it for a bit, I was less than impressed. I still love my Treo (Palm OS-based…not the new Windows version) and love Sprint’s plans and service. I just hope Palm comes out with a new OS soon or I will be tempted to wander…

I think you’ve got enough of my rambling for now. I’ll try not to let side projects keep me from posting. As always, if anyone has a question or a comment please feel free to write. Interaction makes life much more enjoyable.

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