Make a Name For Yourself With Flickr and Getty Images

Flickr and Getty Images are working together to make it possible for all those budding amateur (and professional) photographers to make a name for themselves. Basically, you put your stuff up on Flickr as usual. Getty editors will be surfing Flickr and when they come across something they think could be marketable and usable, they’ll contact the photographer to see if the photographer will allow Getty to make those images available for licensing on Getty Images. If the photographer says yes then the images will included in Getty’s library. The photographers can then be paid the same rates that Getty pays their regular photographers.


This is a great opportunity for those that have talent but don’t know how to break into the field. Blogging has produced a multitude of writers…some good, some not-so-good. Flickr has been a great depot of pictures…again, some good and others make you wonder why they’ve been posted online. However, it appears true talent may be recognized and these people (the photographers) can be compensated for their work. This can help encourage some photographers to continue their passion and possibly change a career. Needless to say, I’m hoping a few of my images will be picked up by Getty. I find this to be an exciting deal that offers a great opportunity for millions of photographers (whether they know they are or not) around the world to gain recognition and possibly move to a career that they enjoy.