Why the Samsung Instinct Can’t Compare to the iPhone

The Samsung Instinct is just loaded with features. It’s won “best of show” awards. It’s been regarded as the best of the “iPhone competitors”. Sadly, as great of a phone that it is, it will be just another competitor that gets left in the dust as the iPhone gains traction.

Chia Town readers know I have this odd obsession with Sprint and the Instinct. I love Sprint’s service, have been keeping a keen eye on their business practices, love what the Instinct has, and am quite curious to see how it will fare against the other smartphones out there. I’ve seen all the ads (print and TV mainly…and they’re all over the place) So why do I say the Instinct will be another has-been? The main reason is the developer community. I have heard nothing of the Instinct’s developer community yet have heard quite a bit about the iPhone’s community, the iPhone app store, and other such developer resources. The most telling item however was what I did this past weekend.

I was visiting with a friend from Carnegie Mellon this past weekend and in between watching the Tour de France and bowling on the Nintendo Wii (I play soccer at least once a week, yet I’m embarassed to say that I’m still sore from hours of Wii bowling) we discussed business ideas. One of the ideas we came up with was an app for the iPhone. My friend is a programmer. He’s never developed for a Mac and doesn’t really know what is involved. He doesn’t own an iPhone (nor do I). Yet here we were discussing various business ideas and the one that stuck was an app for a product neither of us own, that he’s never developed for, and working on a platform that we’ll have an eventual tie-in to. Multiply this by the thousands of other developers out there that have no iPhone or Mac experience then add a boatload more of Mac fanatics and you’ve got one hell of a pool of apps that are about to be available for the iPhone.

The Instinct is good…but it just can’t compare to the current and future following that the iPhone has.


  1. I think you nailed it, Chia. Here in Santa Cruz, developers are falling over themselves to get into the iPhone market. The same is true in the Valley. It’s going to be a gold rush. Only a few will really make any money at it, but the motivation to pan that river is strong.

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