The Samsung Instinct’s Chances For Survival

The Samsung Instict officially goes on sale today on Sprint’s network. Some lucky people could have purchased theirs yesterday if they had signed up to be one of the early-notified people. I’ll admit, I was tempted. This phone is receiving great reviews. It received “Best of Show” at CTIA and is continually lauded as “a great iPhone competitor”. I’ll spare the review here but if you’re really interested you will find no problems catching review after review on the web.

What interests me is that this phone seems to be the best competitor for the iPhone. Apple lovers will shun it saying it’s a knock-off, Apple haters will give it a shot, and the indifferent…well who knows what they will think. The Instinct is $70 cheaper than the 3G iPhone and the plan required from Sprint to run the Instinct is cheaper than that of AT&T’s plan for the iPhone (take all the calculations including the added data plan, etc).

Feature for feature, the Instinct looks like it may be even better than the iPhone. Particularly notable are the streaming TV and video recording. Just the kinds of things that a fun gadget lover would enjoy. However, the Instinct lacks the wifi that the iPhone currently enjoys. A big deal? Not to me…but who knows what the others think.

The biggest downfall for the Instinct sadly enough is the fact it doesn’t have a little apple on the back of it. That logo alone will drive hundreds of thousands of sales. We can’t deny the power that the Apple brand carries right now. Another possible setback for the Instinct is the availability of 3rd party apps. I haven’t heard word one about what will be available. Apple did a great job touting the developer network and store front for iPhone apps. Kudos to you Apple for creating yet another self-contained universe.

I’ll sit back for a while and see how this one plays out. Sprint has a three week lead on AT&T with their super smartphone offerings. I’m hoping Sprint and/or Samsun will release sales figures to show how well they’ve done. Will the Instinct’s lower price, comperable features, and slightly cheaper plan be enough to woo those on the fence? If only I had each phone and could test them both and see which plan/phone combination is the best deal for a business person and for the average consumer.

As a side note, I should mention that a large number of readers end up at Chia Town doing searches for the Instinct. This shows that there is a lot of interest in this phone. There are far more searches for the Instinct than the iPhone or any other phone. Could this be foretelling of future sales?