How Being an Entrepreneur Affects Your Life

Being an entrepreneur affects your life in so many ways. There are the obvious ways…different hours, different stresses, a different work day…but then there are other ways that some people don’t really think about. The biggest thing that being an entrepreneur has done for me is giving me the ability to handle a multitude of different stresses in life that I may not have been able to handle had I lived a content life in Corporate America. Suddenly something that seemed so big years ago is now a simple annoyance that must be overcome as I continue to grow my business (which translates to “trying to survive” in the early days of existence).

It’s not just the business side of me that reaps these benefits though. In my every day life, I am now more confident knowing I can handle sudden emergencies without stressing out. For the most part there is this new attitude of “well this won’t kill me. I just have to deal with it while continuing on with my other work”. Not a bad way to handle life as a whole…

This way of thinking however does present an interesting problem when dealing with others. When surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs it isn’t that noticeable. We’ve all got that “let’s do this!” attitude and all understand the stresses of your paycheck being directly dependent on what we are doing. We can’t take life for granted and count on that steady paycheck…we must earn it.

There is also the difference of an entrepreneur having what may seem to be a rather nonchalant attitude to someone else’s problems. However, this isn’t always the case. It just happens to be that a problem that was once a level 8 on the stress scale is now a level 3 for we’ve dealt with this stress and countless others.

Being an entrepreneur is certainly rewarding. It’s amazing to see your baby grow…and your company is your baby. You eat, drink, sleep, and live for your baby every day. You may put in twice the hours of work than you would in a Corporate America job but you often don’t notice. When you’re working on your baby…it’s so much more rewarding when you put in the hours and finish a task.

I’d like to say “everyone should be an entrepreneur” but I know it’s not for everyone. The hours are grueling, some people (especially with families and houses) need more stability than a start-up may provide, and the stresses may not be worth it. However, I’ve seen first hand how the rest of my life has benefited from being an entrepreneur and I wouldn’t have it any other way now. If there’s an opportunity, I want to go for it. If I need to act fast on something, I will. Everyday stresses aren’t stresses anymore and the possibilities of what I can do with my life are limitless.