Still Frustrated With Sprint

Ok…I’m STILL frustrated with Sprint. I’ve been out of town for a bit and unfortunately haven’t been able to voice thse frustrations and give reasons why they frustrate me (while also clearing up some misconceptions and mistakes from previous posts. Can’t have the readers thinking I don’t know what I’m talking about..)

Frustration number one…the Samsung Instinct that they’are about to sell. My previous post gave them kudos for coming up with a phone that could perhaps compete with the iPhone. Will it be the “iPhone killer” that many people like to call it? Hell no. Apple has far too much clout, brand loyalty, inroads to the enterprise, and just that “cool factor” that consumers want. However, I think the Instintc will be a good alternative to those that don’t want to go to AT&T for various reasons (dislike of AT&T, corporate contracts with Sprint, etc). So if the Instinct is a decent competitor, why am I frustrated? Read the fine print on Sprint’s page about the plan you must have to get the Samsung Instinct to work properly. You need the “Everything Plan” for $70.

C’mon Sprint…get a clue! You’re losing customers left and right. The SERO plan is the most amazing deal around. I love talking to sales reps from other carriers and seeing if they can match the service and features I got and looking at their bewildered faces as they say “um, no, we can’t match that” and I love telling friends how great it is as they complain about their service with Verizon and AT&T.

So tell me Sprint…why are you going to force people to use that plan to get an iPhone competitor when they can get the real thing for roughly the same price at AT&T? Do you ENJOY losing customers? Don’t you want to draw them to Sprint with a deal they can’t refuse? I dropped my service with Verizon early (and paid that ridiculous early termination fee) so I could have the Sprint SERO plan and I’m quite glad I did. I like my Palm Treo…but it’s like an old Ford to me already and I want to have a sexy new Ferrari to play with. Give me a good phone I can use with my SERO plan and I’ll continue to sing your praises…and stay on as a loyal customer. Offer me an old brick with my current plan or force me to upgrade to a different plan so I can get a better phone and you’ll probably lose me.

I just don’t get Sprint’s mentality. Don’t they know cell phone customers are fickle? I’m sure they’ve heard of the industry term “churn” since they seem to have the highest rate. Offer a super phone at a good rate and you’ll keep people…maybe even draw a few over to you.

Also…how long are we going to have to wait for WiMax to have its widespread adoption? The more time that goes by, the less relevant it’s going to be. Perhaps if it was a superior service you’d have a chance but rumor has it that Verizon’s planned LTE network is faster. So why don’t you fire up that WiMax coverage now and gather the customers you need to survive? You’ve got the backing of some majorly heavy hitters (Google, Time Warner Cable, Comcast). Use it now and get some customers, offer new services, make the consumers want to be part of this new media revolution. It’s possible…it really is, but you have to act now before the other services and networks come to be and you’re once again watching your competitors steam ahead even if you have more to offer.