Sprint May Finally Be Getting It

So the CTIA show is going on now and all the wireless players are out there showing their goods. Normally I don’t pay much attention to this but when I saw Sprint talking about the Samsung Instinct (touted by many as a viable iPhone competitor) I couldn’t help but get giddy. Is Sprint finally getting it?

The Instinct looks to be a pretty good phone from what I’ve read so far. A good form factor, super speed, a good number of functions, a great interface, blah blah blah. Loyal readers of Chia Town know I’ve had a beef (and I’m not the only one) with Sprint’s lack of “good” phones and now there’s finally one that has caught my eye. I like Sprint…I admit it. Years ago I started with Sprint in Atlanta, brought them with me to Santa Cruz but coverage blew out there and it blew in Philly when I moved there so I moved over to Verizon. Verizon was fine but I got rather annoyed with them nickle and diming (and then just taking big chunks of dollars) me for every tiny bit of service. I saw the Sprint SERO plan and have never looked back. Sprint’s coverage is much better and the price can’t be beat.

Yes, I like Sprint. But as a company, they frustrate the hell out of me. They’ve been losing customers left and right due to a myriad of reasons, mainly a lack good phones. A cell phone isn’t a tool anymore. It’s an accessory. A fashion accessory to some, a useful toy to others. Yet Sprint, with their speedy network and great prices failed to see this and continued to let Verizon and AT&T steal customers away with better phones.

Alas, I think the new management is making the sorely needed changes to turn the company around. I think they see the need for good phones. And let’s not forget the WiMax project that is still waiting to be put out there. With players like Intel, Time Warner Cable, Comcast and others pumping billions of dollars into this project I don’t think it will fail. If there was a chance of that I doubt these guys would have come in with their checkbooks out. And now that they’re in, I highly doubt they’ll let it fail.

I’m excited for Sprint. I’m excited as a Sprint customer. I’m excited as a business analyst and tech geek. Sprint’s stock has taking a hellacious beating this year. I’m curious to see if it can be saved with the new phone lineup and WiMax dig. Stay tuned!

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