More Good News For Sprint and Clearwire’s WiMax Baby

There’s yet more good news for those of you who have been keeping tabs on the whole WiMax thing that Sprint and Clearwire have been involved (albeit, just talking about) in. Recent reports tell a tale of Comcast and Time Warner Cable willing to pump in another $1.5 billion into this project. Brighthouse Networks and Google have also been reported to pony up some cash. Intel has already pledged to throw in some money also…so this infusion of new money brings the total to roughly $3-4 billion. Hurray!

Some of you may know of my desire to see this WiMax project take off. I think it could be a saving grace for Sprint as they try to save themselves from the massive loss of customers that they’ve been experiencing. Their WiMax network would be vastly superior to what Verizon and AT&T want to offer as their next generation network.

Here’s where the funkiness comes in though. Let’s look at the list of players that want to be a part of this project. Why would they want to partner up on a project that is considered by many to be quite risky and perhaps even a lost cause? Intel is a given…they get to make loads of WiMax chips to put in a variety of computers and equipment. That’s a no-brainer. Google? Well they just seem to enjoy dumping their money into cool projects. Could it be they want a more robust network for their Android platform that will soon be coming out? Perhaps. Comcast and Time Warner Cable…now THOSE have my attention. Cable companies interested in this. Perhaps these cable companies can be perceived as visionaries right now. They see (at least, that’s what I’m speculating here) the mobile movement and want to be front-runners in the game. Look at the number of new phones that are capable of streaming video and TV. Wouldn’t a video content distributor want the fastest, most reliable network to distribute their wares? I think so.

Based on all this, I’m even more excited about the WiMax project. Personally, I’d love to have a WiMax network to use my phone and computer with. Perhaps I’m rooting for the underdog here (Sprint…but then again I’m no stranger to seeing a superior product being touted by a company that is running itself into the ground ala Apple in the mid-90s). I think it would also be nice to see AT&T get a nice shot across their bow as they try to rule the universe as one company and have to fight with cable companies, tech companies, wireless companies. This can only bring about more competition and better products and services, right? One can only hope.

There’s been plenty of talk on this lately. From Sprint and Clearwire having a plan to talks deteriorating to them talking again and getting support from Intel. This latest round of money from various players only fuels the fire. Now if only we could get them to actually do something instead of talking…