Why Palm and Apple Annoy Me

I’ve got the Palm Treo 755p that I use on Sprint’s network. Perhaps you’ve seen me write about it in a previous post here. Sprint’s network is nice and fast and I’ve had no problems with it. I’d love to stay on with them. I also love my Treo. I’ve got loads of apps on there that I use and I must admit I love the ability to hit the net anywhere at anytime. However, this is my first smartphone and I realize this is the gateway drug to bigger and better phones. This is where the problem lies.

I keep eying the Apple iPhone. So beautiful, and soon to be loaded with even more available apps as the SDK allows more people to build for it. It just keeps getting better and better. I know surfing the net on the iPhone would be so much better than on the Treo. Visual Voicemail will rock. But I sure as hell don’t want to go onto AT&T’s network. Right now it’s slower and the plan itself will cost more than twice what I’m spending now with Sprint. Now you see the frustrations building. Palm plans to update their OS…next year. C’mon guys…you’re going to make me wait that long? I’m already starting to feel like I’m carrying some Miami Vice era car phone around in all its cool antiquity. I like Palm…I like the culture of the users (however, as an investor I can’t say I believe in them enough to invest. Part of this is watching their business practices over the years, some is frustration that they’re forcing their users to wait for an update while other phones…iPhone, Blackberry, new models from Samsung and LG, etc…continue to introduce new phones with new features). How does Palm plan on keeping their users?

Evidently, Palm’s Centro is a great success. The Centro seems to be the phone of choice for people making the transition from regular phone to smartphone. Again…I ask the question…what does Palm plan on doing when these users are ready to upgrade? Why would they chose a Treo over an iPhone or other competing product (aside from familiarity with the Palm OS)?

Alas…I digress. My frustrations are this. Apple and AT&T are tied into their exclusive relationship for longer than I plan on waiting. I REALLY don’t want to switch to AT&T so the iPhone is out for me. Thus, I shall stick with Sprint and see what phones they plan on introducing. The Treo won’t be updated for another year and who knows how they’re respond to the competition. I can’t say I’ve got the most faith in their abilities to put out a compelling product based on all the blunders Palm has made since the Palm Pilot came out back in the 90s. Hopefully “history is not indication of future performance” but only time will tell. So in the meantime I shall use my Treo, hope that Sprint doesn’t continue to hemorrhage users, and maybe, just maybe Apple will come out with a similar product (iPhone Nano?) that other carriers can use.