MS Sharepoint and Apple Safari 3 Frustrations

Apple just resently released Safari v3 to the world and I’d been holding off. At home where I primarily run on a Mac (G4 PowerBook…old school baby. My XP-based HTPC crapped out on me recently and haven’t had the time to tinker with it yet) I generally use Safari and Firefox. When I heard about the newest release of Safari for Windows I couldn’t wait to get to work and fire it up.

Downloading was easy (the company I’m contracting at right now blocks iTunes, YouTube, and a myriad of other sites for “inappropriate attire” and the like so getting to download Safari was a small victory for me), installation was a breeze, and it really did seem faster than Firefox (my default browser at work…unless I have to get to some site/part of Sharepoint that some goomer coded only for IE). I was pleased and as I ran through a few test sites to determine whether I would make it my default browser or not I continued to pay attention to how pages rendered, the speed, functionality, etc. I was especially excited because Safari is supposedly one of the most advanced browsers out there now, supporting HTML 5 and to be a great rich internet application browser. But alas…it will not be my default browser at work. Why?

First, I already have to have two browsers open. I begrudgingly use IE because Siebel does not play nicely with Firefox. I then have Firefox open so I can have the four or so tabs I need to do work and (shhhhh…don’t tell anyone about my personal emails that I check) play and also do research. Much more convenient than having another five windows open. When I fired up Safari…it get no Sharepoint support.

I’m finding this horribly frustrating. I just want to have one browser that supports all my needs. Really now, is it THAT hard to do? Tabbed browsing, not a memory hog, stable, secure (we all know IE is a security nightmare), and one that works well with everything I need to do. The fact I would need to run three browsers to get what I want and need is ridiculous. So until Apple and Microsoft can figure out how to get Sharepoint to run smoothly (ok, to run at all would be a good start), I’ll have to settle with working with two browsers that do what I need (yet I still have my wants). Blasted…I’ve been foiled once again by incompatibility issues.

Addendum – After posting this I finally got Sharepoint to work on Safari. Finally! However, there are still parts of Sharepoint that still do not work at all (let alone correctly). Also, Siebel still blows chunks (my Siebel rant would take days to complete. I can’t think of one person here that is a Siebel fan. Slow, clunky, unintuitive, confusing, not compatible with other browsers…) and doesn’t work on Safari either. I’ll keep testing Safari as my main browser for a while and see if it’s good enough to beat out Firefox as my default browser on XP or if I’ll switch on back.