Microsoft Vista Still Lacking

Yes…Vista STILL blows.
I had the joy of helping set up a machine almost a year and a half ago to be tested for interactive media and such. This test machine was sent by Intel, had Vista Media Center Edition (forgot which beta it was) loaded on it, and we were to see how it worked with different emerging technologies. I’m no dumby when it comes to setting up machines but this was THE biggest pain in the ass. The thing that bothered me the most however was the fact it had just a handful of drivers. That’s to be expected, but come on…have some for the major players at least (like Intel support? WTF? A box sent by Intel to test Intel technology yet there aren’t drivers for the simple things like sound, etc). Annoying as hell…but I chalked it up to it being such a new OS.

Fast forward to the present. Vista has been out for a while. I see it pre-loaded on most new machines now, yet I still have yet to see widespread adoption of it. Why? Because it still blows. The company I’m doing most of my contract work at right now still runs XP and for good reason. But I digress…here’s why I still loathe Vista.

I was over at a friend’s and we were going to watch some movies on her new laptop. Her old one had gone belly up so she had to replace it with a brand new machine. Yup…it came with Vista. And she’s STILL having problems with the new machine. She’s taken it back a few times because it gets stuck in a weird loop or just freezes up for no reason. I actually got to witness some of the antics.

We pop the DVD in there. It gives a choice of 15 programs or so that we can use to do something to the DVD with. The top 3 matches (yet not lumped together and not at the top of the list) were “Windows Video Player”, “Windows Media Player”, “Windows Media Center”. We tried one. It froze. We tried another. It froze. We tried the third. It froze. I forgot which one it eventually warmed up to, but seriously, how can a company get away with selling this kind of stuff? If I buy something, I expect it to work.

Needless to say, I will continue to avoid Vista at all costs. I’ll continue to use XP for my HTPC and the Mac for other computing. Microsoft should be embarassed about releasing that troubled bloatware into the wild.