Microsoft’s New Browser to Adhere to Commonly Used Standards

It’s about damn time. Microsoft said that the new browser they’ll be throwing out to the masses (Internet Explorer 8…only in beta right now) will adhere to the same set of standards at the rest of the browsers out there. This news blurb came out without much fanfare, but let me tell ya, this is huge.

I can’t tell you how many times we’d have to design a page, tweak it, pat ourselves on the back and be happy with a clean design only to have IE break the page and turn it into the biggest, ugliest mangled mess ever only because CSS didn’t render properly, proprietary code blew something up, etc.

The thing that really annoyed the crap out of me (and countless others) would be when we’re happily surfing the net on another browser (I mean c’mon…IE is the biggest, most bloated, featureless security threat on your computer. I forbid people from launching IE on my HTPC) when we hit a site that was coded for IE specifically. Granted, it’s poor design and programming on the coder’s end but given most people are on PCs using IE the coder would be lazy and code for IE and IE only. Their laziness (and IE’s improper rendering) caused frustration in millions of people around the world as we try to access a site only to find our (more advanced) browser is not supported.

Microsoft has annoyed the crap out of me over the years with their “we’re the biggest, we can do whatever the hell we want” attitude. However, this looks kinda nifty. I’ll report back to you after I get more feedback…