Why Build Pride In Your Organization

Over the years I’ve worked at a variety of places in a variety of positions. Some were amazing and fulfilling, some were as painful and agonizing as having wisdom teeth extracted. I’ve also surrounded myself with a number of entrepreneurs and businessmen who have lofty aspirations for themselves and their companies. Through all this I often find myself wondering not only how I can help the entrepreneurs or organizations succeed, but I wonder IF I want to put forth the effort.

One glaring example that comes to mind is a company that could certainly use talent. I’m still fairly well connected with techies and creative types from Silicon Valley but also have an expansive network of people from Carnegie Mellon (both alumni and undergrads). I think of this one company and the needs that it has, but then think to myself “no way do I want to send anyone there, friends or acquaintances”.

This is for the entrepreneurs and the managers out there. Think about your organization. Do your partners or employees love your company so much that they would feel a certain amount of excitement to be able to recruit friends to join the organization? Perhaps it’s the product or service that is being provided. Perhaps it’s the culture that you foster in your organization. Whatever it is, we must all find a way to foster a sense of pride from within. Pride builds loyalty and excitement. Excitement brings creativity, a willingness to go the extra mile, a desire to succeed and make the company succeed. It’s such a simple concept, yet recently I haven’t been too many opportunities that make me jump up and go through my contact list to see who I can get to join. With this one simple change you can have your employees recruiting the best possible resources for your company. It saddens me that this topic actually has to be put out there for the masses to read and digest and hopefully make the necessary changes within their organization. Perhaps economic Darwinism will prevail and only those companies that foster such pride will be the ones that succeed.